It’s unlikely you have stayed anywhere quite like this: a modern off-grid homestead built upon a pioneer era log home, a unique and secluded guest cabin nestled in the woods, all surrounded by 50 acres of private woodlands. Visitors are greeted with a warm smile and some simple, yet sage, advice above the front door:

IMGP1579It’s rustic, it’s private, it’s charming, it’s in harmony with nature, but it’s not for everyone. This web site is my attempt to best describe it in words and pictures to help you decide whether it is your kind of place. Click on any of the “slider” pictures on the home page to access feature highlights or browse the menus for detailed information:

  • ABOUT – Overview of the property, the buildings, and the host, as well as sustainability and contact/location info.
  • STAY – Detailed descriptions of the 3 accommodation options: Cordwood Cabin (aka “Glamping”), Private Camping, Main House), the amenities and inclusions for each, plus booking & availability.
  • EXPERIENCE – Descriptions of things to do while on the property. A planning chart showing typical pleasures and challenges of each season. A list of links to nearby natural and cultural attractions.
  • OPTIONS – Descriptions of add-ons including: shuttle for hikers/paddlers, nature walks/tours, learning about off-grid life & technology, as well as a the Career Development Weekend retreat.
  • GUESTS – Password-protected area with downloads and information to help guests locate the property and prepare for their stay.

All pictures on this site, except those noted as stock photography, are amateur photos taken on the property by me or my guests.

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