The main house is completely off-grid, with no power line connection to the “outside world”. All electricity is generated on-site from solar energy, plus a propane backup generator–a necessary evil during the runs of short, grey days in late fall and early winter.

pf_hollyhocksThe core and soul of the main house is a circa-1850 log home which was relocated to this site in the 1980s and built onto a new foundation to provide a full basement. In 2004, a top-to-bottom renovation and addition, along with a new septic system, deep drilled well, and renewable energy system, brought modern conveniences while still retaining its rustic charm. Décor and fittings have been chosen to balance form with function, country with comfort. To run your hands along the axe-hewn wall timbers of the log home is to touch history dating back to before Canada was even a country.

pf_cabinA short walk from the main house is a guest cabin, constructed in 2005 using cordwood masonry technique. With its living roof, local Amish posts and beams, and walls fabricated from logs cut from trees on this property, the cabin nestles itself organically into the forest which surrounds it. This quaint and cozy structure offers exceptional privacy and peace.

To learn more about accommodation options, check out the STAY menu.

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