The main house and cordwood cabin are surrounded by 50 acres of private woodlands, to which guests have exclusive access while staying.

aerial (2)Several well-marked trails, 4 km in total, loop through varied types of forest, each with its own character: mystical cedars, feathery larches, towering red pines, dense spruces, hardwood bush dominated by sugar maples, and white pines that whisper to you in the breeze. Each area has a unique feel and mood.

IMG_0112Several grand old maples dot the property, a testament to the previous farmsteads of the settlers and their descendants. The centrepiece is Spirit Tree, the grandest of the old maples on the property. Over 5 feet in diameter, you will need to join hands with others to hug this tree. And if you listen carefully perhaps it will reveal some of the secrets and wisdom it has gained over a couple hundred years.

In addition to providing human visitors with peaceful hiking, snowshoeing, sitting and napping, this natural area provides abundant food and habitat for a wide variety of wildlife residents. From the EXPERIENCE menu, learn more about ways to enjoy it.

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