Whether hiking, snowshoeing, or just ambling along, 4 km of well-marked trails wind you through varied woodlands, each with its own character and mood, home to a wide range of plants and animals.

trailmapColoured trail markers show the way at trail junctions and key turning points. The main loop (white) circulates throughout most of the property, and 3 separate sub-loops (orange) in different areas of the property start and end from the main loop. Other short trails connect between and within loops.

trail markersThis is a natural area with abundant habitat and food for animals so there is a good chance you will encounter some if you walk quietly and stay observant. Pictures below were taken in various places along the trails.

Look up and you may see a racoon or porcupine, especially in the crook of a branch or trunk cavity. Look down and you may notice a burrow or animal signs like tracks or scats. Stop and listen carefully to hear birds you may not have realized were all around you in the forest, or the sound of deer gingerly stepping through the underbrush as they sense your advance.

Here are some pictures from the trails, click on any photo to enlarge:


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