Personal Retreats

You can create your own retreat by setting intention and making plans and preparations aided by the information on this web site about the place and space you will have available to you.

This page content is under re-development. The options below are still currently available but check back in Autumn2018 for the launch of a new 12-page “Personal Retreats” planning booklet featuring 9 unique personal development themes you can weave into your own personalized retreat experience.

Alternatively, some things in life happen more readily with a kick-start and a bit of structure. Several experiences are available, as add-ons, to transform your regular stay into a personal development experience:

retreat_wtWisdom of the Trees – This retreat theme is a great choice for anyone with pending questions large or small, or issues seeking resolution, in their life and open to considering the guidance which may be found within the natural world—and from trees in particular given their      longevity and the unique traits of each species.


drummerSounds and Silence – This retreat theme is a fun experience for anyone who would like to explore ways to enhance mindfulness through sounds of nature, of silence, and of musical instruments—both contrasted with each other and combined with each other. You will have over 30 instruments (no prior skill or experience necessary) to make your own sounds with.


retreat_syShinrin Yoku – This retreat theme is for those interested in learning ways to cultivate wellness through nature contact  using variations of shinrin-yoku (literally “forest bathing”), the Japanese practice which merges spending time in treed natural areas with elements of mindfulness practice to benefit body, mind and soul.


4elementsThe Four Elements – If you feel disconnected from the natural world, or if you want to enhance the connection you already have, this retreat theme will allow you to rekindle your soul’s relationship to the both the tangible and spiritual aspects of nature with four unique experiences to interact with, and honour, each of the elements.


careertestsCareer Exploration – If you are considering a career transition, re-entering the workforce, or just want to explore your career  options, this retreat theme is an intensive package of professional career counselling services & materials , punctuated by peaceful time in nature to cultivate  introspection and perspective on your future.


Retreat Facilitator

Summary: Neil has graduate education, extensive training, and over two decades experience in the human development field. He has worked with thousands of clients at all ages and life stages as a Counsellor at a public college, as well as private practice work specializing in career counselling for adults contemplating career transition. Neil’s enchantment with the natural world began decades ago day hiking on the Bruce Trail and took a big leap in 2009 when he sold his conventional suburban house (and conventional suburban life!) in the in favour of an off-grid home surrounded by 50 acres of woodland property to be guardian of. Neil has a particular interest in synergies found when healing & development–whether body, mind or spirit–collaborate with the natural world aka “eco-therapy”. Neil has completed the Ontario Master Naturalist program at Lakehead University and Sheridan College’s Yoga Teacher Training program. In 2018 he became a Yoga Alliance® Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-200).

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