The cabin was crafted using the cordwood masonry technique by Rob Roy, iconic proprietor of the Earthwood Building School of West Chazy, NY . It features a living roof, massive posts and beams from local Amish mills, a flagstone floor fabricated from Wiarton quarry stone, and cordwood walls built from trees felled on the property.

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Nestled amongst the pines 100m west of the main house, the cabin offers rustic ambiance, cozy comfort and tremendous privacy for one or two guests. The view from all 5 large windows is beautiful trees! In the cooler months stoke up the woodstove and cozy up in warmth as you watch snow fall by candlelight. In the warmer months, open up the windows and hear the forest sounds as you settle in to deep sleep. It’s the best of both worlds, combining the atmosphere of camping in the woods with the comforts of a roof & walls, a warming stove, and a comfy bed. Plus you get great coffee & plentiful breakfast prepared for you each morning as part of your stay!

Complete details, additional photos, and guest reviews on our Airbnb listing.

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