Private Camping

Do you like the concept of camping but not the inconvenience of pulling it all together, or the reality of other campers close by? Imagine Private Camping–assistance if you need it, no annoying tent neighbours within sight or earshot, and it’s like having a 50 acre park all to yourself! Plus it even includes a plentiful breakfast!



Whether you are new to tent camping, or just prefer to do it in peace and privacy, Private Camping at Off-Grid Retreat is great value considering that a premium tent site costs almost $50 at Provincial Parks plus the cost of firewood and ice. And, most importantly, what is it worth not to have the intrusion of other campers within sight and earshot? And as a bonus, if the weather turns horrible or things don’t go well, you have roofed “glamping” accommodation to retreat to. Read on for detailed description.

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Detailed Description


Camping is limited to 6 people (of which no more than 4 adults/adolescents). The tent sites are located beside the ruins of the old barn foundation, where there is a fire pit and gathering area, about 200m from the main house and parking area. The two tent sites are nestled into the forest, while the fire pit area has a clear view to the sky. The fire pit and gathering area is outfitted with a stone bench and two convertible bench/tables.

Supplies & Equipment

Private Camping cost includes two tents, which will be set-up and ready for your arrival (unless you want to give set-up a go yourself… marriage counselling not included LOL):

  • large screen tent (12’x12′) with awning and roll-down flaps in case of rain
  • dome tent (10′ diameter, 6.5′ centre height) with large windows, 3 skylights, plus a rain fly, suitable for 3-4 adults.

You will need to bring your own camping equipment for sleeping, cooking, etc. See suggested prep & packing list.

Guests are supplied with water for drinking & washing and as much cooler ice and firewood as reasonably needed.


Camping guests have access to their own privy, nearby the tent the sites. The privy is serviced by a flush-action portable toilet… with a window to the trees and aromatic cedar-panelled walls, you may stay in there longer than you expect 🙂  Guests also have use of the regular washroom (incl. shower) in the main house anytime between ½-hour before breakfast and 9:30PM.

If needed, you may store some food in the fridge/freezer at the main house. There are external power outlets at the main house for recharging electronics, etc.

Advice & Assistance

For many Canadians, camping out surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature is an unforgettable experience that becomes part of their being and shared with successive generations. If you are new to camping and would like help and/or guidance, I am more than happy to assist and will do everything I can to help make your first camping experiences something you will have the confidence and desire to repeat many times, in many places.

Privacy & Peace

Throughout your stay, you are assured to be the only guests staying here and you should feel welcome to engage in whatever degree of privacy you wish. I enjoy chatting with guests, or their having their company on the porch or in the living room. But if what you want to do is seclude yourself that is totally fine too. It’s your time and space to make whatever kind of experience you prefer.

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