Snowshoe time!!

Winter was a little late appearing this year, but it is certainly doing some catching up on time lost 🙂 We have had several days in a row of snow squalls off Lake Huron and, even with settling, it is about knee depth for me–around 18″. So I am officially declaring it snowshoe season!!! Bring…

Winter finally shows up!

It was a rare green Christmas here but winter finally made an appearance in the week following. Last night, cold temps (down to -17) and some snow squall activity meant awaking to see the woodlands blanketed powdery snow so light and fluffy you don’t even mind shovelling it!

New Years Day Sauna

It’s a tradition… a nice long session in the sauna to relax and detoxify both the mind and body at the start of a new year. Now that we’re in actual winter, I have added wool blanket curtains in front of the small porch to create a bit of a buffer to the outside world….