Yurt DAY-USE Space

Nestled amongst the trees, and allowing sensory connection to the forest surrounding it, the yurt makes a delightful space for yoga practice, meditation, music-making, meetings of the minds and/or souls, journaling, or perhaps some self-indulgent and much-needed pondering. And I am happy to share it with my local community for non-commercial use.

It is a bright and airy space with five giant (almost 4×4′) windows offering a panoramic view of the forest. The windows are screened, some fitted with transparent inserts to provide a good balance of ventilation and view. A large dome at the peak lets in lots of light, opens for ventilation, and allows a delightful view of the sky.

Yurts, which have their roots in nomadic Mongolia, are round tents sturdy enough for extended deployment and braving the elements but still able to be packed up in a matter of hours and moved. This particular yurt is manufactured just outside of Toronto, and features a frame made from Ontario ash, door from Quebec cedar, breathable-waterproof-windproof outer skin (not vinyl!), inner lining of wool felt, and platform topped with local maple flooring.


  • wall height 6’
  • peak height 10’
  • diameter 17’
  • door height 5’
  • distance from main house/parking area ~150m

The yurt is just steps from the Forest Labyrinth, which you may also choose to integrate into your time there. I do not charge any fee to use the yurt but do ask your consideration in leaving a donation at the labyrinth. The entirety of all labyrinth donations is forwarded annually to Chapman House Hospice and M’Wikwedong Indigenous Friendship Centre in Owen Sound.

On-Site Services available from SoulTrail

  • Forest Bathing (aka Shinrin Yoku) Guided Walks
  • Facilitated Labyrinth Experiences
  • Breath-Focused Yoga
  • Personality Insight (MBTI & PD) Workshops
  • Better Breathing Instruction

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