The yurt makes a wonderful setting for some retreat time, a yoga marathon, playing/composing music, some self-indulgent pondering, or whatever personal activity might benefit from being surrounded by forest to all your senses.

The yurt is a bright, airy space with five giant (almost 4×4′) windows offering a panoramic view of the forest around you. The windows are screened and some are fitted with transparent plastic to provide a good balance of ventilation and view. A large transparent dome at the peak lets in lots of light, opens for ventilation, and allows a delightful view of the sky.

The yurt frame and door wood were sourced in Ontario/Quebec, off-the-ground floor made from local maple, breathable-waterproof-windproof outer skin (not vinyl!), and inner lining of wool felt.

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The yurt is just steps to the Forest Labyrinth, which is within sight through the pine boughs. There is also a modern, clean, cedar-lined privy serviced by a flush-action portable toilet. A portable power box is available to provide electricity for low-wattage items like device chargers, LED lights, etc.


  • wall height 6’
  • peak height 10’
  • diameter 17’
  • door height 5’
  • distance from main house/parking area ~150m

The yurt is available for private, non-commercial use by up to 5 people for $85/day… dawn to dusk, or any time therein.