This is a GREEN place to stay, and not just because of the tens of thousands of trees which surround you. Here are primary commitments to sustainable living as the owner and guardian of this property.

  • Renewable Energy. Over 95% of electricity is generated on-site from solar energy. The remainder comes from a propane backup generator, a necessary evil on the occasions when there is not enough renewable energy during the “dark season” late fall into early spring.
  • Carbon-neutral Heating. The primary heat sources in the main house and guest cabin are wood stoves, fuelled by trees from the property. Wood heat releases carbon that has been naturally sequestered over the life of the tree, and all wood stoves are modern, EPA-certified, high-efficiency and low-polluting. The woodlot has a formal management plan and trees felled for firewood are selected within the context and guidelines of that plan. Hi-tech battery-powered chainsaws do all but the heaviest logging work and firewood is split by electric machinery–both are solar-powered and truly zero-emmision!
  • Water Integrity. High quality domestic water comes from a drilled well nearly 300 feet deep into the bedrock. It is tested regularly and seasonally for safety. Since hydrology is an interconnected system, I use only certified environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and toiletries, and nothing chemical or synthetic is ever disposed of in the septic system.
  • 4 R’s. First and foremost, REDUCE both consumption and packaging. REUSE or repurpose whenever possible, especially when an item can be Up-cycled. RECYCLE anything that cannot be reused (Chatsworth has a municipal recycling program.) And the 4th R is for RECOVER and/or REPAIR, options sometimes overlooked.
  • Local Sourcing. I buy as much locally grown produce as possible, the majority from organic or biodynamic farms. Other food products I consume are largely of local production. I try to minimize material consumption but necessary consumer products and supplies are bought from local, independent or family-owned retailers whenever it is feasible to do so.

There’s lots more I can tell you about if you ask! From using beeswax candles and LED lightbulbs to edible landscaping and local lumber, there’s all kinds of ways to reduce our footprint on the earth.