Whether you are staying in the cabin or yurt, treat yourself to a relaxed start to the day! Brekkie-in-basket is available for singles ($25) or couples ($35) and is wholesome, homemade, and brought out to your accommodation at a time of your choosing between 7-10 AM.

What’s Inside? It’s a bit of a surprise each day, so I can’t guarantee specific contents, but the general format is:

  • coffee (locally-roasted and fresh ground just before brew) or tea (choice of premium black/green/herbal)
  • a couple items of home baking (e.g., muffin, croissant, cinnamon roll) for each person
  • home-made bread (typically light rye sourdough)
  • a couple jams/preserves (home-made or local), cream cheese or some sliced mild cheese, butter
  • yogurt or kefir
  • milk, coffee cream (if requested)
  • cereal (typically muesli or granola)
  • fruit and/or fruit juice

Alternatively, if you feel like something warm and hearty, you can opt for bowl of steel-cut oats slow-cooked with plentiful nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Comes with coffee/tea, yogurt/kefir and fruit/juice.

Though breakfast may be available on short-notice, please arrange at least 5 days in advance to ensure availability (>10 days if dietary restrictions).

Breakfast includes as much organic and/or local product as possible. Sources include:

Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free can usually be accommodated with sufficient notice however commercial product may be substituted for home baking.