Nearby Attractions

There is a vast range of natural, cultural, and culinary attractions nearby, some year round and others changing with the seasons. The local tourism web sites can do a far better job than me cataloguing the variety to see and do:

Off-Grid Retreat ( on map) is located almost right in the centre of Bruce & Grey Counties. The farthest point, Tobermory, is only about a 90 minute drive away. The beaches of Lake Huron are as little as 30 minutes away in Southampton. and the nearest Bruce Trail access, just a 10 minute drive to Inglis Falls.

If you will be venturing up to the Bruce Peninsula during your stay here, check out the online version of the annual Bruce Peninsula Daytrip Companion.

If you are planning to visit The Grotto or other locations within Bruce Peninsula National Park, read this important notice from Parks Canada.

Beyond the listings on official tourism sites, I make it a speciality to find the truly hidden gems, out-of-the-way spots offering unique experiences without the all the people to be found at the conventional tourist attractions. I am also well familiarized with the Bruce Trail between Blue Mountains and Tobermory and can direct guests to some of the lesser-known highlights.

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