Guided Nature Hike

Enjoy a discovery hike around the property while learning interesting facts (and maybe a few less factual stories too) about woodland flora & fauna and the ecosystem they are integral parts of.

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Select one theme for a specialized 1 or 2 hour hike, or combine up to 3 themes for a general 2 hour hike.

  • Tree ID – Discover how to identify a variety of trees in ways you can remember, and later impress your friends J. You’ll also learn tree attributes, contemporary & traditional uses, plus clever ways to estimate height & diameter.*
  • Mammal Tracks & Homes – Learn to identify mammal tracks & other signs. You will also locate animal homes above & below ground and determine who lives or lived in them.
  • Woodland Birds – Learn to identify, by sight and sound, some of the birds large and small, both year-round residents and seasonal visitors, who inhabit the forest and its margins.
  • Ground Level Plants – Explore a cross-section of non-tree forest plants including a selection of shrubs, herbs, ferns, mosses, lichens, plus maybe some fungi. **
  • Insects – Stop saying yuck and start saying wow as you learn the impressive functions and feats of these sometimes-annoying yet highly-essential woodland creatures. **
  • Hidden Critters – We’ll take a magnifying lens to look for small organisms (like detritivores, who do a lot of the big work in a forest) as well as larger ones who rarely show themselves. **

*most popular      **not available in winter

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