Renewable Energy Site Tour

If you have a passing interest in off-grid power generation, feel welcome to ask your host for a brief walk-thru and overview. If you’re thinking of going off-grid yourself, or want to know more detail about how it all works, take a fascinating site tour to learn how electricity is generated, stored & put to use when there are no connections to the power grid, and how everyday life is similar and different from on-grid living.

Let someone who has navigated the learning curve from suburban life to sustainable off-grid country living  provide clear explanations of:

  • basic systems and components of solar & wind renewable energy generation
  • battery storage and backup power generation
  • estimating power consumption & system sizing
  • conservation tips and tricks

This guided site tour gets you an up-close look at solar panels, a 1kW wind turbine, a large battery bank, an 8kW generator, and all the electronics that keep everything humming along. You will also see specialized off-grid household appliances, lighting, and battery-powered yard & woodlot tools.

APPROX 1½ HOURS · up to 5 persons · $50 guests staying at Off Grid Retreat · $75 visitors (per tour, not per person)

Request in advance to confirm; short-notice requests on an as-available basis.

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