If you like the idea of camping in nature but not camping in the company of many others (or struggling to erect a tent, which you hope will keep out rain), this is the place for you. You are the only campers on the entire property, the tenting and campfire sites are completely private, and you get your own privy. Firewood/ice/water are all included, and even a sauna & outdoor shower if you like. This is camping with privacy, space, convenience and peace 🙂

(see also: Yurt day-use rental)

Yurts, which have their roots in nomadic Mongolia, are round tents sturdy enough for extended deployment and braving the elements but still able to be packed up and moved. This particular yurt, manufactured on Ontario, features: large 17′ diameter easily accommodates 5 people sleeping (and all their stuff) with space to spare for hanging out; the outside skin is breathable waterproof/windproof hi-tech fabric (not vinyl!); the inside walls are cozy wool felt; the floor is off the ground and made of local maple.

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The beauty of any tent, including this yurt, is how it allows you to feel immersed in the natural environment. Fabric walls let through the sounds of the forest and you will hear the ocean-like breeze travelling through pine trees. Five giant windows (screened, with flaps that may be opened or closed) connect you visually to the forest. And a large transparent dome in the ceiling can be opened for ventilation and allows sky-gazing day or night!

Available mid-May thru Mid-October. See details, availability/pricing, additional photos, and guest reviews, on the Airbnb listing.

Wondering what to pack, or ideas for food/meals during your stay? Click here for suggestions.