Several years ago, I sold my conventional suburban house (and conventional suburban life!) in the GTA in favour of something different… something really different! And ever since I have been in gradually becoming more Country Mouse and less City Mouse, learning about renewable energy, woodlot management, growing food & flowers, living in harmony with the natural world, and navigating the pleasures and challenges of living off-grid.

Recently retired from 25+ years as a Counsellor at a college, getting outdoors and using my hands has been a new spark of motivation after all that time many years sitting indoors doing important though sedentary work. There is still lots to learn about being a Country Mouse, but this property and this rural off-grid life became established enough to open it to share with others who may appreciate it, and so Off-Grid Retreat was born.

I do my best to live sustainably, tread lightly on the world, and move gently through life.

I like to describe myself as a linear left-brain thinker with many intuitive right-brain interests and values. Guests will find that the practical details have been well attended to (e.g., housekeeping, safety, maintenance, and a great breakfast!) but that there is also a welcome place here for the spiritual, aesthetic and esoteric. This place and space is one of hospitality, peace and good vibes. I hope you will be pleased with your choice to stay here.