Fabricated from local White Cedar, cut to rough lumber at an Amish sawmill down the road, and then crafted in nearby Dundalk, the sauna offers a peaceful experience for body, mind and soul to be enveloped by warmth and cradled by the round shape.


Saunas have been used for many years for relaxation, detoxification, and a range of other positive psychological and physiological health effects. A good summary of sauna benefits can be found here (yes, I know, it’s published by a sauna manufacturer but they do at least reference some research).

IMGP2018The sauna accommodates up to 4 persons sitting or, more comfortably, 2 people lying down. It features a specialized wood-fired sauna stove, which produces lovely full heat though does require 1-2 hours advance notice to get up to a high enough stable temperature. Just outside the sauna is an outdoor shower for cool-off between warming sessions. Winter saunas are a particular pleasure, when all around is cold and snowy yet inside warm and humid.

sauna2016In winter the outdoor shower is not functional so you can use buckets of water for the cool-off, or if you’re brave try rolling in the snow like the Finns do! You will know you have warmed enough when the cool-off is fresh & bracing but not shocking 🙂 In winter time, I hang wool blanket curtains in front of the porch to form a cozy buffer between the inner and outer worlds!



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