The SoundForest is a magical spot in the woods where you will come across 8 sets of precisely-tuned wind chimes suspended amid stately Red Pines. The sound experience is never the same twice, varying with the direction and strength of wind, the season and density of leaves on trees, and even subtle factors like humidity. Sometimes it’s like an orchestra, other times like soloists.

Your position also affects what you hear. Try different locations: relax in dual Muskoka chairs, perhaps use the bench/table for some writing, set up your hammock on one of 3 hook locations, or lie on the forest floor.

Conscious attention to sound can help slow down thoughts and cultivate mindfulness. Expanding  focus to other senses like sight and feel can help even further as less energy is available to thought.

Even when the breeze is light, patience may be rewarded. Sometimes chime notes seem to spontaneously arrange themselves into a melody. And often they will blend harmoniously with the ambient nature sounds which are always present if you listen. If no breeze is activating the chimes, you can pull gently on the down cord to hear them. Please do not unwind the cord or adjust the chimes.