COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

This is what we are doing to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission, so you can make an informed choice about whether it is sufficient:

  • Due to the rustic nature of the cabin and yurt accommodations, it is not possible to sanitize surfaces since they are mainly wood, fabric and stone. However, we actively manage our booking calendar to ensure a minimum of 3 full days (ie., 72+ hours) between guest occupancies, which is in excess of what is believed to be the timeframe coronavirus can live on such surfaces.
  • The toilet has always been thoroughly cleaned with detergent between guests, and continues to be.
  • There is no longer guest access to shared spaces or amenities in the host’s house.
  • There is no longer the option to come to the house for breakfast. The same great breakfast can now be brought to the cabin or yurt (which was the more popular option anyhow).
  • Between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving Day weekends, there are two airbnb listings on this property (cabin and yurt). When one gets booked, the other is blocked off for those dates so that guests can be assured they will have exclusive access to the property, its features and amenities.
  • Guests share use of the the 50 acre property and its features with the hosts. There is sufficient space for safe physical distancing to be maintained at all times. Hosts do not use guest amenities (e.g., sauna, outdoor shower) during the time guests are staying.
  • Guests are responsible for bringing sufficient hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other such supplies for their own use.