COVID-19 Updates & Risk Mitigation


[21 Apr 2022] It is preferred that guests wear a mask while inside cabin with the host during the brief accommodation orientation at check-in, but it’s a personal option and all choices are respected.

For local area COVID updates see Grey-Bruce Public Health unit.

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

[updated Jan2022] I approach hosting professionally and have proactively developed a strategy to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This page details what is being done so prospective guests can make an informed choice about whether they feel confident staying here:

  • Between mid-May and mid-October, there are two airbnb listings on this property (cabin and yurt). For both guest privacy and COVID safety, both listings are never booked concurrently. When I get a reservation on one, the other is blocked off for those dates so that guests can be assured they will have exclusive use of the property, its features and amenities.
  • The cordwood cabin and yurt are unique rustic accommodations and many interior surfaces (e.g., wood, stone, felt fabric) are natural, unfinished or porous, and cannot be disinfected with solutions or sprays. In lieu of this, as an added guest safety measure, I manage the booking calendar to ensure a buffer of at least one day between guest occupancies of the cabin. In other words, you will never be checking-in on the same day a guest has checked-out; there is always minimum 24 hours in between guests.
  • Host will wear a mask inside guest accommodation while preparing it on check-in day.
  • Cleaning protocol includes opening windows cross-ventilation for at least 1 hour to air out the space.
  • High-touch non-porous surfaces (e.g., metal door handle, plastic light switch) in guest accommodation and outhouse are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant spray after each stay.
  • All exterior surfaces of the toilet are thoroughly cleaned with detergent between guests, as they have always been.
  • Since the sauna is not available on check-out day, along with the one day occupancy buffer, there is always at least 2 days in between uses by different guests.
  • If you are a returning guest having stayed here prior to 2020, take note there is no longer guest access to shared spaces or amenities at the host’s house.
  • Guests share use of the the 50 acre property and its features with the host. There is ample space outdoors for safe physical distancing to be maintained. Host does not use guest amenities (e.g., sauna, outdoor shower) while guests are staying or within the 2 days preceding their stay.
  • Guests are responsible for bringing a mask and sufficient hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other such supplies for their own use.

Guests should understand that some features and amenities (e.g., breakfast option, sauna) may become unavailable on short notice depending on current regulations in force and/or host’s discretion.