COVID-19 Updates & Risk Mitigation


As of February 16, most areas of Ontario (including here in Grey-Bruce – click to see local health unit status) will return to the colour-coded COVID response framework, though a few areas may remain in, or return to, stay-at-home order. If you have an upcoming stay booked please be sure you are aware of the regulations in force during that time period. It is guests’ responsibility to ensure they can legally proceed with their stay. Unless the booking was made at the discounted non-refundable rate, guests may cancel with refund from Airbnb anytime prior to 5 days before check-in date. If your booking was non-refundable, get in touch with me at least 5 days ahead and I will arrange to move your reservation to a holding date (which you may later change to an actual visit date) so that you do not lose any money.

I respectfully ask that guests make plans for the journey between their home and here to be direct, and that they make all reasonable efforts to be self-sufficient during their stay such that they will not need to go into town for supplies/food/meals/etc. (If you need guidance on the logistics of doing this re food, etc, feel free to ask me for help!)

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

I approach hosting professionally and have proactively developed a strategy to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This page details what is being done so prospective guests can make an informed choice about whether they feel confident staying here:

  • The cordwood cabin and yurt are unique rustic accommodations and many of the interior surfaces (e.g., wood, stone, felt fabric) are natural, unfinished or porous, and cannot be sanitized/disinfected with solutions or sprays. In lieu of this, as an added guest safety measure, I actively manage the booking calendar to ensure a buffer of at least 72 hours (min. 3 days) between guest occupancy, which is in excess of what is believed to be the timeframe coronavirus can live on surfaces.
  • The toilet has always been thoroughly cleaned with detergent between guests, and continues to be.
  • If you are a returning guest and have stayed here prior to 2020, take note there is no longer guest access to shared spaces or amenities at the house.
  • As part of check-in, your host will take you to your accommodations and provide a brief orientation. It is possible to maintain distance inside the cabin/yurt but host and guests must wear masks. To minimize the time required, please read the Guest Guide provided in your accommodation or, even better, download it ahead of time from the guest resources page.
  • Guests share use of the the 50 acre property and its features with the host. There is ample space outdoors for safe physical distancing to be maintained at all times. Host does not use guest amenities (e.g., sauna, outdoor shower) while guests are staying or 3 days before/after.
  • Between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving Day weekends, there are two airbnb listings on this property (cabin and yurt). When one gets booked, the other is blocked off for those dates so that guests can be assured they will have exclusive access to the property, its features and amenities.
  • Guests are responsible for bringing a mask and sufficient hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other such supplies for their own use.

Be advised that some features and amenities (e.g., breakfast option, sauna) may be unavailable depending on current regulations in force and/or host’s discretion.