Nature Walks

Be lead on a discovery hike around the property while learning interesting facts (and perhaps some less-than-factual stories too) about woodland plants & animals, and the ecosystem they are integral parts of. Select one theme for a specialized hike or combine 2 themes for a one-hour walk, or up to 3 themes for a two-hour walk:

  • Tree ID – Learn to identify different tree species in ways you can remember and later impress your friends 🙂 Identify tree attributes and find out both contemporary and traditional uses for each species.
  • Mammal Tracks, Signs & Homes – Learn to spot mammal tracks & other signs, which animals they belong to, and what they may have been doing at the time they left them. See animal homes above and below ground and be able to determine who lives in them.
  • Woodland Birds – Learn to identify a variety of birds (both year-round residents and seasonal visitors) who inhabit the forest and its margins by sight and sound.
  • Insects – Stop saying “yuck” and start saying “wow”. Experience the magnificence, and learn the functions, of some of these sometimes-annoying yet essential woodland creatures.  (not available in winter)
  • Tiny Critters – We’ll bring along a magnifying glass to look small organisms, like the detritivores, who do a lot of the big work in the forest. (not available in winter)
  • Ecosystem Interrelationships – See examples and get explanations of how all manner of flora and fauna rely on each other in many different ways.
  • Night Hike – It’s a mystery what we’ll see but there’s always something interesting to be found.

Suitable for children and adults, up to 6 persons. Book ahead of time (confirmed) or inquire with host while staying on site (as available). Wildlife sightings subject to animal availability 🙂 and cannot be guaranteed. $25 for 1 hour or $40 for 2 hour walk

Download this page as a flyer.

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