Off-Grid Workshop

All guests are welcome to a brief guided tour of the renewable energy system which fully powers this off-grid property. However, if you are thinking of going off-grid yourself, or perhaps just interested to know how it all works, this comprehensive 3-hour workshop will provide an in-depth primer on off-grid life and home-scale renewable energy generation, and should prove to be a good investment!


Learn from someone who has navigated the learning curve from on-grid suburban life to independent off-grid country living. Topics include:

  • Off-grid living: what’s similar, what’s different from living on-grid.
  • Assessing needs – estimating power consumption, sizing a system.
  • Home-scale renewable energy generation: solar
  • Home-scale renewable energy generation: wind
  • Back-up energy generation: fossil fuel generators
  • Storage: battery types and basic concepts.
  • Charging: voltage regulation, charging cycles.
  • DC-to-AC Conversion: inverter types, technologies, and capacities.
  • Off-grid living: specialized appliances, lighting, conservation tips & tricks.

This workshop is available to Off-Grid Retreat guests, but may also be booked by people not staying here (all other Options services are for guests only), and includes a light meal during discussion period at the end. Consult current rate card for cost.

Download this page as a flyer.


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