TrailCam Gallery

I’ve bought quite a few gadgets and electronics over the years but my TrailCam must be in the top 3 for enduring usefulness and enjoyment! I’m posting some of my recent “catches” below, newest at the top, plus a few interesting ones from a few years back. Yes, I know, this is what people use Instagram for now, but I’m old school 🙂

Here’s Lookin’ at You! The TrailCam caught a great head-on shot this winter morning. Check out the winter coat and bushy tail compared with the photos in the following item.

Wiley Coyote. Occasionally they show up on infrared night photos looking like ghost dogs in monochrome, but it’s not often I get a clear daytime colour picture of a coyote. This one could clearly sense the trail camera doing something. I’m not sure if it’s the same animal that returned about 2 hours later.

Creature of habit. This not-camera-shy deer sure likes this spot amongst the Larches. It struck around browsing twigs long enough to let the TrailCam catch just about every possible angle. And then… if you are taking note of the time tags in the photos… returned again around supper time!

On the scent. I was walking my dog Luna along a trail through the pines when suddenly she made an abrupt turn off trail and was nose to the ground and tail on full alert. As it happened we were right at the location I currently have the trailcam set up. When I downloaded the pictures, it caught Luna… and a coyote at that exact same spot just an hour prior to us.

drag the slider left or right to see the coyote pass and Luna on its trail

Porcupine double-trouble. In the hardwoods area there is a tall maple tree with a large cavity which typically houses porcupine in the winter and raccoon in warmer seasons. I set up the trailcam near the base to see who is in residence and it turns out… perhaps not surprisingly… there is a pair in there. (First 3 photos were soon after a heavy snow.)

Darling little deer must be new to the world this year, as the camera was only about a metre above the ground. I had it set up on the new trail along the creek in northwest corner of the property.

Cabin visitor. I added this one to my Airbnb photos… it almost looks photo-shopped, but nope! I had set up the TrailCam when guests were not staying to see who would come past and what a perfect shot to show it truly is a peaceful cabin-in-the-woods.

Canine or Feline? This is the same camera location where there was a dead deer and I caught coyotes on the TrailCam at night. But this visitor stopped by during the day. It is obscured by branches but I think it looks cat-like… tail seems too long for a wild cat.

Coyote night feast. I came across a dead deer in the semi-open spruces area and set up the TrailCam to see who would come by to scavenge.

Most beautiful ducks. Wood Ducks sometimes stop in at the pond in spring but they’re quite wary and would fly off before I could take a picture, so I set up the TrailCam to do it for me.

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