Early Spring

[APR2021] The first prognostication of an early spring this year was from Wiarton Willie on Groundhog Day. Well, let me clarify that. This year, in a bizarre twist, nobody saw Willie… not just because the annual festival was virtual like everything else, but because instead of a groundhog we saw the mayor of South Bruce…


[MAY2020] “Leafing Out” is the wonderful time of the year when the forest turns lush and green, as the trees manifest the leaves they have been saving up as buds for many months. The fresh new “leaves” in the picture at left may look more like needles… and they are… but they belong to the…

Canadian Sunbathing

[MAR2019] Astronomical spring (the vernal equinox) arrived March 20th this year. Meteorological spring arrives March 1st every year—which, living here, sounds rather astonishing but who am I to argue with Environment Canada. The pictures on this page were taken earlier this month. You see, I get to a point each year when I am

Signs of Spring

[APR2017] I can’t promise the summer-like temps of this past weekend will continue but I am fairly certain we are safely beyond winter-like conditions. Signs of spring abound here: flower shoots are poking above the ground, the little “snowdrop” flowers (above) are blooming, the general chorus of bird sounds are noticeably different as some species…

Everything is growing!

[MAY2016] Spring is well underway here, and everything is growing… even the guest cabin, which has a sod roof, is sprouting bright green as the natural world bursts to life.