Signs of Spring

I can’t promise the summer-like temps of this past weekend will continue but I am fairly certain we are safely beyond winter-like conditions. Signs of spring abound here: flower shoots are poking above the ground, the little “snowdrop” flowers (above) are blooming, the general chorus of bird sounds are noticeably different as some species return (robins, the most prominent as they loudly “tweep” and flutter about in courtship and territory defense) and other migratory species stop by the forest on their way northward. In the last few weeks, Goldfinches have made their stunning transition from winter’s drab olive-gray plumage to bright yellow… it’s like having wild canaries all over the place! Another visual sign of spring is, moi, now seen merrily hanging laundry on the outside line… don’t you love the crisp feel and unique scent of bed sheets hung to dry outdoors!?!

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