Loo Number 2

[MAY2017] Last year, I started offering private camping as an accommodation option during the summer. It was a great success, with every August weekend booked… I even had campers from as far away as Quebec and Michigan!

In order to provide guests with a convenient toilet, I came up with the clever idea of sticking wheels underneath the privy and towing it back and forth between Cordwood Cabin (100m west of main house) and camping area (100m east of house) depending on which type of Airbnb booking I had. It was clever… yet dangerous (for me!) towing a top-heavy structure like that over uneven ground with the lawn tractor.

Earlier this spring, I visited the Amish fellow down the road who constructed the original privy shed a couple of years ago and ordered another, which I picked up this past week. I still need to outfit the inside with cedar panelling and a bench on either side of the portable toilet like the other one. But soon it will be in place by the camping area. Guests love the aromatic cedar panelling on the door… one of them told me, “it smells like being a happy hamster when I am in here,” LOL.

Guest privacy, and exclusive access to the woodland area is an important part of the experience I offer here. So once a guest books either cabin or camping, I block the other off so it cannot be booked by someone else. However, with two privies, the same guest party can book both–which is wonderfully convenient, especially if you have one or two people who you want to join you but who really need a bed and roof rather than tent and air mattress!