Starry Country Night

[JUN2017] One of the things I noticed very soon after moving to the country 8 years ago was the awesome night sky. Away from the light pollution and air pollution of the GTA, a clear evening brings countless numbers of stars, and a milky way clearly visible to the naked eye. It is truly magical. And, as your eyes adjust to the darkness, the longer you stay out looking at the country sky the more star-filled it gets.

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My first Private Camping guests of the season were a delightful family who booked their stay on the weekend of a new moon with hopes of doing some star-gazing. Even better, they brought along a camera and tripod for taking night pictures which require exposures of several seconds. They stayed up until it was plenty dark and the spectacle of stars did not disappoint. The next morning, over breakfast at the main house, I was so glad to hear the heavens revealed themselves so clearly.

I was thrilled to see their pictures and particularly grateful they offered to share them with me. Every picture on this web site is an actual photo taken here with the exception of 2 stock images, the starry night sky being one of them. I had never been able to capture a good picture with my camera. So, with much gratitude to some of my wonderful guests, here are a few pictures from a summer starry night:

View from the clearing by the house.
Sky view from the firepit/gathering area beside camp sites.
Cozy tent on a starry evening.