Blackcurrant Wisdom

[JUL2017] I had hung some laundry on the line today and was waiting for the next load to finish in the washer when I saw there were lots of ripe looking blackcurrants in the bushes nearby. I don’t really cultivate these blackcurrant bushes… that they keep coming back year after year is more in spite of me than because of me LOL… but I am grateful for the fruit they offer up.

Blackcurrants are packed with anti-oxidants, and their tart nip tastes wonderful with plain yogurt or especially kefir. I recall, last year, I noticed the bushes looked full as they did today but said I would get to it the next day, and then it became the day after that. And then, when I finally went to pick them, they were gone!! And coincidentally a lot of purple-tinted bird-poop around. Life lesson reminder: carpe diem.

So today, no delaying! The picture shows my take for the day, which doesn’t seem much, but with their intense flavour and dense micronutrient package you don’t need to eat a lot. As I was picking them, another piece of life wisdom came to mind: it often happens that when it looks like there is no more fruit to be picked, changing your perspective by crouching down or looking at it from another angle can reveal a bounty that were not previously visible. Change your perspective, and things can go from empty-looking to full, though it was all along 🙂

If the blackcurrants are shwoing ripe, it means soon there will be red and wild black raspberries coming out all over the property. We are booked up all weekends through the Civic holiday now, and I am hoping guests will enjoy great weather and plentiful berries to nosh on.

p.s., yes, I did leave currants for the birds