Autumn Passings

[OCT2016] Every season holds enchantments here but, perhaps, my personal favourite time is early autumn. The last of the bugs are gone, the weather is generally glorious, and the startling beauty of transformation is everywhere to be seen. And not just seen. Engaging other senses, fall also brings new smells as the forest floor dampens, new sounds as the leaves begin to dry out and rustle in the breeze differently, and new tactile opportunities as an abundance of fungi sprout here, there and everywhere.

fall_trimOverall, we have experienced wonderful autumn weather. I have not been able to share it with guests this year since reno work on the main house had me blocking off the booking calendar for September & October. Now we’re getting into that time when the weather starts reminding me to prepare for the next season. One of the stranger tasks is to trim the living roof of the Guest Cabin. It helps to mulch down the organic matter so it more quickly decomposes to create additional soil. And it minimizes the potential fire hazard of having tall dry grass beside the wood stove chimney until the snow comes down!

Hardwood colours peaked up this way last weekend, though the tamarack and larch (the only conifers which shed all their needles each fall) have not yet turned the bright yellow which is usually the final act of the autumn spectacle. After that, it’s a bit blah until the snow falls and stays… which it has sometimes done as early as mid-November. Reno work is moving into the final stages and soon the main house will be ready for guests once again. Within the next week or two, I will open up booking for weekend dates through to late winter.