Classic Winter

[FEB2017] It’s been a near-perfect “classic” winter here in  Grey-Bruce so far this year. There has been lots of snow… snowshoes have been necessary gear to navigate the trails since early January… but not so much as to be overwhelming.

View from the Cordwood Cabin today.

And it has been nicely cold, but rarely horribly cold into the double-digit minuses. It is such  contrast to the GTA where winter is looking grey and dull and lifeless. Driving northward, once you get past the level of Shelburne and Mount Forest you gradually enter a whole different world… one that looks like the Canada we expect to see in February 🙂

We are situated in the snow belt of Lake Huron and regularly get snow squalls. It is fascinating to watch the animation on the weather radar* You can clearly see the precipitation getting picked up off the lake and brought overland dependent on the wind direction. This area, including Owen Sound home of the Festival of Northern Lights during the Christmas season, is a pretty reliable spot to experience real winter just a mere 2-3 hours from the often-snowless big city.

*Try out weather radar here. For best results, select option for 14 colours, and for 3 hour rewind, then click the play button. This link is for the radar station near London. There are other options for various areas of Ontario and Canada.

After time outside enjoying a “classic” Canadian winter day, my Scandinavian roots come out when I enjoy a super-cozy winter sauna! Sounds crazy to some, but it’s awesome!!