SoundForest [MAY2019]

I have long been fascinated by the sounds of nature, and always enjoyed percussive musical instruments, so it was I guess only a matter of time until inspiration hit to bring them together.

Out in the middle of the Red Pines area I’ve fashioned a set-up to suspend wind chimes between trees. Don’t ask me how I got up so high… as I said to my mother who also asked, “you don’t want to know.” 😉 The suspension height is adjustable and also permits chimes to be switched around easily in order to adjust to different breezes and create an ever-changing variety of tone locations.

The result is a multi-sensory experience that weaves the sights, sounds, smell and feel of the forest with the chimes, ranging from 27” to 44”, which are highly resonant and meticulously tuned to specific notes.

SoundForest, as I have called it, is a delightful place to amble, stand, lie or sit. The particular strength and direction of the breeze at any given time creates a unique soundscape each time you visit this area. Sometimes there is just an occasional gentle ding here or there, other times it is like a symphony… and nature is the conductor!

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