Trail to the Rising Sun

[OCT2020] Living surrounded by woodlands is lovely. But you don’t get much in the way of sunrise or sunsets. Several years ago, I added a short trail to a semi-open view of the western sky that offers great sunset views particularly during the weeks preceding and following the Equinoxes. With a little help from a couple friends who were staying at the guest cabin (worry not, I don’t put the paying guests to work… well, rarely anyhow 😉 ), last month I completed a trail link to an area that allows access to a great spot for watching the sunrise.

The sights have been nice enough that I’ve been inspired, more mornings than not, to get up, get out and get moving to see what kind of picture nature paints. I am becoming more adept at looking at the pre-dawn sky from the house and knowing whether it’s likely to be a good show or a bit dull. The dog is also pleased with the early outings, though I suspect enjoys different pleasures from them than I do.

Sunrise walkies along the creek.

In conjunction with this new link, I sighted and cleared a new trail section to create a small pleasant loop in the northeastern corner of the property. Part of it parallels the creek and passes by a large, sprawling Silver Maple (I am toying with the idea of a rope swing across the creek next year), while the other half of the loop travels along a cedar rail fence that has existed at least halfway back into the last century and at one point is built around a massive boulder the glaciers dropped off on their way out of this region.

It’s been my busiest year for guests, on account of COVID and folks wanting to take “staycations” to nearby yet novel places. Sometimes they use this place as a base to explore the Bruce Peninsula but I feel particular joy at those who settle and stay the duration of their stay on-site, basically enjoying their own personal park, private and peaceful.

Sunrise shining onto larch and maple trees.