Snowshoe Season

Sunset chairs at the west end of the property – Jan 23, 2021

[JAN2021] It’s an annual tradition… my “highly subjective declaration of official snowshoe season”… and thanks to a good dump of snow Friday into Saturday it’s now at that point when snowshoes are more-or-less required to get around the property easily. Though the depth varies a lot. In the open it’s 12-18″ in places where there was blowing snow. But in the sheltered conifer forest, the tree canopy holds a lot of snow load and the ground depth is only around 6”.

The yoga instructor in me would like to point out that, in addition to being a peaceful way to gracefully move through winter landscape, snowshoeing is great for the glute muscles! A fact not lost on the resident pooch, who has been getting a great workout as she variously bounds over and plows through the fluffy depths. Snowshoeing doesn’t require any particular skill. Basically, just walk with your feet a bit wider apart than usual. And perhaps a bit slower than usual–which is a good thing, to slow down.

If you don’t have your own snowshoes to bring, guests will find a couple pairs of loaners at the cabin… they easily strap on to most winter boots.