Beauty Abounds

[JAN2022] There is much to learn from my dog Luna. We spend a lot of time together. Observing her on our walks, both on the property here and along our fave trails up in the Bruce Peninsula, is a constant reminder to always be curious, to live in the present, to be joyful, and to be attentive to surroundings. And many other lessons too in her doggy way of being.

I also learn things from my guests. Sometimes it is found in their knowledge or life experience when we have the opportunity to chat and know each other a bit during their stay. And sometimes the lessons are learned after they have departed.

A wonderful guest who was on a return visit not long ago (as it happened… whether by coincidence or plan… on the same weekend as her stay the year prior) and a few weeks later sent me some photos she had taken on the property. She has a good eye; I wondered does she have a photography blog or online portfolio. (Turns out does not.)

Aside from enjoying the gorgeous images in their own right, the lesson for me was that these are all sights I may see on a near-daily basis here but perhaps don’t always stop and take note of. It reminded me to be grateful for the beauty that surrounds me, and for the time and opportunity I have to experience it.

It also reminded me of an insight I had several autumns ago. Which was that those displays of fall colours which leave us awestruck are most spectacular when looking at the forest (esp a sugar maple forest!) than when in the forest. I noticed that when we are actually in amongst those same trees we often can’t see the colours as intensely. Mmm, yes… when we’re in it, whatever “it” is, we may not see the whole picture. And we may not realize how good it is until we’re out and looking back. Conversely, things may sometimes appear more grand in the big picture than when we’re involved in the details. But the beauty is always there, it’s just our vantage point that has changed.

As Luna demonstrates every waking minute of her day. Live in the present. Tempus fugit; memento mori.

Thanks to my guest for permission to share her grand pics!