Crown of Jewels

[AUG2022] It seems that every couple years there is a change in the predominant plant species on the cabin’s living roof. This summer, jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) is leading the way.

colour of the orange flowers pops more in real life than in my photo

A beautiful plant in bloom, with its delicate orange flowers. And it also performs! The seed pods that are produced by jewelweed “explode” when touched – sending the little seeds inside flying everywhere to sprout and grow. Even though the explosions are harmless and fairly fun to watch, this is why is has been dubbed the “touch-me-not plant”. No need to climb onto the cabin roof… there’s lots of it bordering the creek though the property.

But beyond just showy fun, jewelweed has practical uses too. It is best known as an antidote to the irritation of insect bites. Whether a mosquito bite, wasp or a bee sting, applying the juice of this plant can help sooth the feel of the bite area.

It is also well known as a treatment for the itchy rash caused by poison ivy by applying the juice obtained from the stem of jewelweed (considered a traditional remedy by herbalists).

If I’m to believe what I read on the web, jewelweed can also be used to treat warts, cure fungal skin infections and relieve hemorrhoids. But perhaps let’s not experiment with that during your stay in the guest cabin 😉