Curious About a Teardrop

[MAR2023] Several of my guests last summer asked about my little trailer they saw parked beside the firewood stacks. And I guess no surprise that folks drawn to the unique accommodations at Off Grid Retreat would be interested in these quirky crossovers between the RV & camping worlds.

Teardrop trailers tend to be relatively basic and pragmatic, but also pack a lot of convenience and comfort into a small package. The folks who use these tiny campers tend to have an inclination toward minimalism and independence, often people who like to live small—not only in terms of their trailer—and limit their footprint on the world but without giving up life’s pleasures like travel camping.

In many respects my trailer, self-sufficient as it is with a solar energy system supplying 12V and house current, is like a scaled-down version of my off-grid home. So far, I have done trips up to a couple weeks but could easily go much longer! One of my winter projects was creating a blog with trip reports, know-how, and hints & hacks for Teardrop trailer living. So if you are one of the curious head on over to to learn how it all works. You can even peek inside the cabin and galley!

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