[JUL2016] So far, guests have all opted to come for breakfast at the main house… it’s great to chat and get to know guests, and I am able to offer them a broad selection of food choices. But I do offer the option to bring a light breakfast out to the Cordwood Cabin or to the Private Camping area (for singles or couples… sorry, too much to throw together for larger groups!).

Bagels, muffins, yogurt & local strawberries, apple cider.
Bagels, blueberry-lemon muffins, yogurt topped w/local strawberries, apple cider.

Recent guests in the Cordwood Cabin were celebrating a special weekend and asked for breakfast brought out to them both mornings of their stay, so I threw together my first ever breakfast-in-a-box deliveries 🙂 I am happy to do it, and it’s sooo nice seeing folks relaxing and having an easy-going start to the day. First morning, they took breakfast inside the cabin, and on the second they enjoyed it al fresco using the table and chairs outside just beside the cabin.

Each morning is a slightly different selection. I try to use as much organic and/or local food as possible in my breakfasts. Muffins are always baked from scratch using all organic ingredients. There is usually home-baked biscotti too (lavender-almond is my current fav!) Locally produced foods in guest breakfasts (whether served at-the-house or in-a-box) include:

Coffee thermos in, all packed up and ready to go!
Napkins and coffee thermoses in, lids on everything, all packed up and ready to go!

And the eggs come from nice people near Mulock, about 20 minutes south of here. When I pull in, I can see the chickens freely roaming and pecking all over. The yolks are almost orange in colour… happy healthy animals = nutritious food.

The croissants are not local… I haven’t found a source yet… but they are from Quebec, frozen unbaked, and then proofed and baked freshly here just in time for breakfast!