Dog Days of Summer

[AUG2016] Back in the dark days of winter, I took a lovely trip to Costa Rica, staying at an off-grid eco-lodge named Rancho Margot near the Arenal volcano in the northwest of the country.

Guest bungalo, Rancho Margot, Costa Rica

It’s an amazing spot and, in a similar way to how the Cordwood Cabin guest accommodation here is nestled into the pine forest, at Rancho Margot the bungalows are all right *in* the rain forest. There was no shortage of natural wonders to see and interesting things to do (or delicious organic food, grown on-site, to eat!) but some of my favourite times were lounging in the porch hammock at any hour of the day. Lucious rain forest vegetation and flowers were everywhere to be seen, birds and bird-sounds abounded, and the fragrant smell of the forest omnipresent.

I bought an authentic Costa Rican hammock, and there could not have been a better souvenir for the time I enjoyed there! I have been locating special spots in my forest to hang it, looking for two trees about 12 feet apart in peaceful and beautiful places. Where I lie depends on my mood. Recently, I have been spending time amongst the tall red pines–when I lie on the hammock I look up, up, up to the tops of four trees, one on each end and on each side of me, swaying gently as they frame the blue sky.


Sorry, you can’t use my cherished hamaca 🙂 but guests at the Cordwood Cabin do get a comfy hammock made with thick cotton rope hung from spreader bars. It is located down the short path behind the cabin… but you can move it around and try out any of my “secret” spots depending on your mood!