Blowin’ in the wind

[AUG2016] August saw four consecutive weekends of guests here, most of them using the Private Camping option, folks who wanted access to the Bruce Peninsula but without the crowds and noise involved with actually staying there in peak tourist time… peace and space to come back to at the end of the day  🙂

merkeba_fullSeveral guests asked about the contraption hanging conspicuously on the front porch. The merkeba is constructed out of driftwood in the shape of 2 tetrahedrons (i.e., triangular pyramids) embedded into each other. A similar notion to prayer flags, which gradually fade from exposure to the elements as they integrate and blend with the world in which they exist, fabric strips can be tied to the merkeba. On these strips one may write (or picture!)  whatever notion, emotion, or anything else they want to add to the energies surrounding us out there. Alternately it might be something they want to shed, and seek that putting it out there to the grace of the universe will help lessen it.

The merkeba is attached to the porch roof beam with a swivel so that it may turn freely and all parts be exposed to the sun. At the bottom, the tiniest and most gentle of wind chimes signal when the breeze is at work on those strips with a gentle and  magical sound. Fabric strips and a sharpie are always there on the porch for anyone to add anything, whenever they are inspired to do so.