Winter Preview

[NOV2018] Winter is never a no-show up here. In fact, it was escaping the GTA in search of “real” winter and white snow one weekend ten years ago that led me by chance to find this country place I now call home! It’s just a question of how early it arrives and how long it stays.

Today we had what I hope is just a preview of winter. Yes, it is only November 10th, but the right (or wrong, depending on your perspective 🙂 ) combination of conditions brought snow squalls off Lake Huron, dropping about 5 inches of snow. This is the earliest I have seen this depth of snow in my time here.

There’s always a magic to the first big snowfall. Yes, the charm will inevitably fade with the passage of months but today I was out tromping around my trails with a grin as wide as when I was a little boy out in the snow. According to the forecast, still some more to come too! Probably temps will rise in the next week or so and it will disappear before winter reappears in earnest. Or perhaps not, you just never know. Though some may be grumbling, there is no disputing the beauty. And great timing, with Owen Sound’s long-running Festival of Northern Lights set to kick off next weekend.

While there is sometimes a delay between when I take pictures and when I actually get around to writing & posting a blog entry, today you are getting this almost “live”, these pictures taken just a few hours ago. Hope you enjoy the little slide-show (I think you can get the full-size image by clicking on the picture):

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