Christmas Greetings

[DEC2018] To say that 2018 was not a good year for peace is a whopping understatement. On both a macro- and micro-level, the range and extent of harm perpetrated by humans against other humans, and against the natural world which supports humans and all life, has been perhaps unprecedented.

Not highly encouraging, and much of it seems out of our control. But, at the very least, we can cultivate peace in the people, places and spaces we touch on an everyday basis. That is what I will continue to work at doing, ideally in a way that reaches beyond just my immediate world. Sharing this space with Airbnb guests is one way to do that, and I hope all who stay here will find a peaceful, good vibes little piece of the world that they will take a part of with them when they leave.

Here’s a beautiful “peace” song, by Wade Imre Morissette who is a Canadian indie kirtan musician, yoga instructor, therapist, and author… and, I didn’t realize until trying to look up lyrics just now, is also the twin sibling of Alanis Morissette.

Peace on the earth. Peace on the water. Peace in the fire. Peace in the wind. Peace in the sky. Peace in the sun. Peace on the moon. Peace on our planet. Peace in all being. Peace in the body. Peace in the mind. Peace in the spirit.

Then there’d be peace for all creation;

then there’d be peace across the nation;

then there’d be peace for those who don’t have it;

then there’d be peace for those who don’t want it.