Very Berry

[JUL2019] The wild berries are a bit late this year, I guess on account of the long spring and sometimes cooler summer temps, but now that they have appeared they are in bountiful abundance!

This particular raspberry patch is right behind the woodshed beside the house.

Both red and black raspberries can be found all over the property, and are easy picking with a little patience. I love the less-sweet taste and more-firm texture of the blacks. But I also enjoy picking reds and finding those which almost fall off their hulls, warm in the sun and so ripe that a few drops of juice can be seen–you know they’re better going direct into your mouth than into the collection basket 🙂

We’ve also got blackcurrants (super-healthy!) growing in a semi-cultivated patch behind the house. If you like tart, they are great on their own or with some yogurt or kefir. Last weekend I had some on the table for guest breakfast. This morning, we had some in steel cut oats along with pecans, sunflower seeds and brown sugar. There are also some gooseberry bushes in that berry patch that will soon be ripe.