Solvitur Ambulando

[SEP2019] A major project here over the past 9 months has been the design and construction of a meditative walking labyrinth through the forest.

With history dating back 4000 years and found in some form in most religions and spiritual traditions, a labyrinth (as distinct from a maze) is unicursal, having only one path. There are no dead ends, no alternates, no trickery; one follows a single meandering route to centre, then the same way back out. Walking a labyrinth requires no problem-solving or decision-making. The rational brain is relieved of responsibility, leaving the intuitive self freed up, and the senses opened up to more fully experience the present moment.

Solvitur Ambulando, attributed to Saint Augustine (354-430 AD), translates to “it is solved by walking”.

Labyrinth walking is a great way to cultivate mindfulness. And, for those who have not had success with sit-on-the-cushion meditation (I’m one of them!), a more engaging and active way to promote mental clarity and personal peace.

A few weeks after the final stone (of over 2000!) was laid, a community gathering was held in late August to bring the labyrinth to life and ready it for sharing.

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