The Longest Night

[DEC2019] The winter solstice, when we due to the earth’s tile farthest away from the sun, occurred yesterday evening. The short days and long nights make this a magical time, and in some way more introspective and inward than the bright, lively, long days of summer. Though, coupled with the low angle of the sun, it is a challenging time for living off-grid and being mainly powered by solar.

So there were several reasons, both esoteric and practical I was looking forward to the arrival, and thus passing, of solstice. It was a stunning evening, with moderate temperatures and, as the time moved closer to solstice, the sky gradually cleared to reveal zillions of stars.

I had opened up the labyrinth for walking by anyone interested to do so as a way to mark our longest night. The fire near the labyrinth entrance was kept lit for the evening, and I had several lights at labyrinth Centre. Some were too weak to be of any use but the best light was the colour-changing Luci Aura solar lamp. Once our eyes adjusted to darkness, with this one lamp hanging at centre it was possible to make out the path which had been tramped out in the snow by other labyrinth walkers earlier in the week.

The longest night has come once more, the sun has set, and darkness fallen.

The trees are bare, the earth asleep, and the skies are cold and black.

Yet tonight we rejoice, in this longest night, embracing the darkness that enfolds us.

We welcome the night and all that it holds, as the light of the stars shines down.

(Yule prayer source)

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