A Cool Reflection

[JAN2020] I am humbled by the delightful words guests choose to write in their Airbnb reviews but, for a host, the biggest compliment of all is when guests make a return visit. My first return visit was by a lovely young couple who were just my third guests after I began hosting 4 years ago.

cabin picLate last year, they wrote me with wonderful news they had a child (wondered why I hadn’t seen them for a year or two LOL) and they sent along a greeting card with what looked to be a very familiar scene! It turns out that during their second winter visit they had taken many pictures around the property and a relative had used one as the basis for a painting.

Clearly an accomplished artist to have done so from a photograph, Linda Aleksa had managed to capture the visual essence and feel of a large old maple along the creek at the east end of the property. I was really tickled to see this and it brings a big smile to my face to think how this place and space continues to sit in some guests’ souls after their time here.

While some guests prefer visiting in a particular time of year, it is also interesting to return and experience how the property looks familiar yet different in another season. I framed the card, which now hangs in the Cordwood Guest Cabin, and perhaps I will find myself adding other such guest contributions as the years pass 🙂

Click on picture to enlarge image. Click on card to visit artist’s Facebook page.

Linda Aleksa - Cool Reflection - full    linda-aleksa-card