We’re In Deep

[FEB2020] Though the snow came early (see NOV2019 blog post) it’s turned out to be a pretty gentle winter this year–in terms of both temperature and snowfall.

winter-2That is, until Feb 27+28 when we were visited by what the weather forecasters refer to as a “Texas Low”. I guess only big things come out of Texas and we got a dump of about 2 feet of fluffy snow as squalls brought in moisture from Lake Huron. The banner picture shows the resident dog Oscar, a large-ish collie-cross, plowing his way through it sorta like how a ship’s bow cuts through the sea. He also tried bounding over it, and then gave up after a while.

Snowshoes, not yet necessary this season, were the only option for hiking the trails. Unless you felt like some good exercise for the glutes and adductor muscles stepping through hip-deep snow 😉 With a slight rise in temps, the snow has already started to settle and compact. And, as the sun melts it on the roof, we’re getting some massive icicles!