Shower with a view, or not

[JUN2020] Restrictions on short-term rentals (e.g., Airbnb) relaxed a couple weeks ago. I try to approach hosting professionally so, proactively, developed a COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy. Potential guests can be clear on what is being done and make their own assessment as to whether that is sufficient.

In addition to a minimum 3 day (72+ hour) buffer between guest occupation of accommodation, a big change is that for the foreseeable future there will be no concurrent bookings of the two listings (yurt and cabin) unless they are both from the same guest group. These types of measures will mean lower guest volumes over the summer but, though it decreases income, it is in everyone’s best interests.

I have also removed guest access to shared indoor spaces and amenities in the host’s house, including the conventional washroom & shower. However, rustic but comfortable conveniences are close at hand. Both the yurt and cabin have their own privy (not a dug hole-in-the-ground style but a modern flush-action portable toilet).

Cabin guests year-round can use the Victorian washstand in the cabin, there’s even a butane burner to heat water, and guests in either accommodation can use the sauna and/or outdoor shower. The outdoor shower is ambient temperature, not mechanically heated, so generally quite “refreshing” which is lovely in summer.


Now seemed like a good occasion to spruce up the shower and, though it has always had a privacy wall facing the house, I thought shower curtains might be appreciated by some less-adventurous guests who may not like a shower with a forest view 🙂