“New & Improved”


[MAY2022] Spring is usually time for a few fix-ups to enhance the guest experience. You’ll find some them chronicled in this blog over past years. Here’s a couple new/improved amenities this year.

For Yurt Camping guests, there is a covered area near the fire pit with a little workstation they can use for food prep, etc. Last summer, one of my guests suggested it would be nice to have more “counter space” to work with.

space all ready for you to set up your camp kitchen

I do appreciate guest feedback to make things more comfortable or practical. So I rebuilt the workstation last week–now with double the counter length at 6’, an extra storage shelf, and even a divider to hang towels, utensils, or whatever—and also refinished the pine upper work surface so it’s a bit nicer and resistant to moisture and stains.

Over at the sauna, I’ve had the idea percolating since last summer to add a tip-over splash bucket for guests who want something more invigorating than the gentle sunflower shower head. It took a bit of tinkering and trial & error but that’s now ready to go… for anyone brave enough. It doesn’t need to be used for a sauna rinse. Imagine how refreshing that will be on a hot, humid summer day.

To accommodate the bucket placement , I moved the shower head into the more enclosed area of the shelter outside the sauna. This will be no doubt be appreciated by guests who might prefer being less exposed to the breeze (or the forest LOL) when using it either as a sauna rinse or a shower in itself. As a bonus, the move reoriented the angle of the showerhead feeder pipe and improved water flow.

Still to come, I need to build a small step to help those who may be unable to reach the shower lever or bucket filler hose.