Sure Not Camera Shy

[APR2002] I could hear the coyotes had been quite active nearby a few evenings in a row so I set out the TrailCam in the area I guessed they had been to try to catch some images. When I unloaded the camera card a week later, no luck on coyotes but I got loads of photos of a lovely young deer. It clearly liked this spot since it was browsing twigs long enough one morning for the camera to capture just about every possible angle, and then returned to the same location around supper time that same day! Hopefully those wiley coyotes don’t figure out deer’s pattern.

A few of my fave pics are below (click any pic for full-size image) but if you happen to be a deer lover check out the TrailCam Gallery, where I uploaded the full set of 30 photos. I’ll let you know when I “catch” the coyotes!